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The AUSKF is a non-profit umbrella organization supporting the regional member federations by :
  • Organizing national tournaments
  • Training a U.S. team for international competition
  • Organizing promotional examination opportunities for higher ranks
  • Interfacing to the International Kendo Federation (FIK).
  • Providing the member federations with support programs to promote kendo in their region by providing guest instructors, examiners, and arranging for seminars to be given by expert sensei from foreign countries.

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Registering for your federation and AUSKF membership and paying dues can be done online.

Help with that process can be found at this membership registration help page section of this site.

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If you are a dojo leader or a federation officer you can be granted access to the admin section of this site for additional features. Once given access, the admin link will be shown as the first one in the top navigation. There is a help section in the admin that you are encouraged to reference. Please feel free to provide feedback on that help section!